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Never a Dull Moment in Kim Kardashian’s crazy World

Kim Kardashian is one of those people who is almost always in motion. She’s either tooling around L.A. wheeling and dealing (and shooting her reality show), or she’s on the road, doing some sort of promotion for her business ventures. Is it any surprise at all that Kim was in Las Vegas earlier this week? Probably not. And guess what: She’s with her man Kanye West, too!

Kim and Kanye treated fans to a marathon autograph session on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. The New York Daily News reports that Kim K. was especially gracious with fans, taking photos and signing virtually anything anyone handed her. Obviously the Kris Humphries divorce debacle hasn’t dulled her fan base!

After enjoying some time with Kanye West in Las Vegas, it was family time for Kim, as she loaded up for a road trip to San Diego. Why? To visit her grandmother, of course! Kim seemed especially excited about the visit and she even tweeted a sweet photo with “grandma MJ” for her Twitter followers to enjoy, and another of her as a little girl, looking fresh-faced and beautiful. For fans who are used to Kim tweeting racy photos of herself, this had to be a shock!

An otherwise delightful Kardashian family outing almost turned tragic, when Kim was almost involved in a massive car accident. Us Weekly quotes a source as saying that it happened on the grandma MJ road trip, and that Kim avoided a “10 car crash.” Yikes! It’s definitely been an exciting week for Kim…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape stolen!

Kanye West’s visit to Europe ended on a very nasty note. According to singer, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was plundered by British Airways. An attacker took the most valuable thing that was in the luggage – new Kim Kardashian sex tape with Kanye West. Singer was upset about it. Another would be: first, Kim Kardashian will have to make excuses after the tape leak again in Internet. Secondly, the Kanye West tried very hard to create this sex tape and laid out in full. This is evidenced by his words: “Shit! I need a lot of time to do it again!”

In British Airways already reported that the tape can’t be returned if they won’t be convinced that a new round of popularity Kim Kardashian won’t causes their madness or someone from their families.
By the way, way previous sex video you can see here

Kim Kardashian Gets Cozy With Kanye West in Cannes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a hot item, no doubt. They’re everywhere, it seems, including the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival. And, just because they can, they’re giving the paparazzi plenty of great photo shots. Kim and Kanye lit up the red carpet at Cannes on Wednesday night, and it might be one of Kim K.’s best looks yet!

At the premiere of Kanye West’s film Cruel Summer, Kim K. sizzled in a short, beaded, white dress with gold detailing. She actually matched her man, too: Kanye wore a white blazer, white shirt and white jeans. In short, they looked every bit the color coordinated power couple of the moment as they posed for photos together. There’s no denying that since she’s been with Kanye, Kim’s stepped up her glamor game in a major way. Her looks during her time in Europe, specifically, are classic, with less emphasis on sex and far more emphasis on class. Good for her!

At the after party, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were spotted “happily nuzzling” together. Anyone who speculated that Kimye was just for publicity might be seriously rethinking that theory. These two are actually beaming!

Speaking of beaming, Kim K. was still smiling from ear to ear as she glammed it up “old Hollywood” style at the glitzy amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes on Thursday. Kim sizzled in a jaw-droppingly gorgeous yellow evening gown. And yes, the dress showed plenty of leg and cleavage, but without being tacky. Kim’s choice of bright red lipstick and side swept, curled hair complemented the look immensely.

Bravo to Kim Kardashian for having a banner fashion week in London and in France! Whether it’s Kanye love or a new stylist, she needs to keep this up.

Could Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Wind Up as BFFs?

Now that Kim Kardashian has herself a new man, she’s looking for new friends. And, since she’s dating Kanye West and he’s touring with Jay-Z this summer, it sounds like Kim has zeroed in on Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, as a potential new BFF. It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but you never know.

Kanye West and Jay-Z start their ‘Watch the Throne’ concerts in London later this week, so Kim K. is off to Europe with Kanye. These two are seemingly joined at the hip (Kim and Kanye, not Jay-Z and Kanye, that would just be weird), so expect sex tape girl to gleefully follow her famous boyfriend anywhere he goes. Jay-Z and Beyonce are already planning a move to London very soon, so is Kimmy hoping for some double dates?

Kim Kardashian might have a difficult time fitting in. Unlike Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce she’s not exactly a music star (let’s just forget that whole “Jam” song bit, okay?). Hopefully Bey and Kim will get along well regardless, making for a happy summer for everyone concerned. Kim really needs good friends in her life, and at her level of wealth and fame, it stands to reason that other wealthy/famous people might be great company.

Expect lots of paparazzi photos of the two power couples, Kimye and BeyJay (or JayBey, whatever it is), in coming weeks. The Watch the Throne tour is headed all over Europe, so if things go well, Kim Kardashian will have a whirlwind, wonderful few months ahead of her. If she doesn’t hit it off with Jay-Z’s wife, things might not be so pleasant.

Look out, London: A Kardashian’s in town, and she’s looking to stay — for a while!

Kim K and Kanye West Be Together on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’?

After a week without her man, Kim Kardashian is back in the same city as Kanye West. Kanye was on hand for Kim K’s big Belle Noel spring jewelry collection launch in Toronto, Canada, though the couple didn’t stay long. It must be tough to find time to be together when you’re both so rich and famous.

Now, on to the much more pressing question: Will viewers get to see Kanye West together with sex tape star when the new season of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ begins airing later this month? It would make sense. After all, Kim’s other romantic conquests (including her courtship and marriage to Kris Humphries and her long relationship with Reggie Bush) aired on the show. Fans are definitely interested in Kim and Kanye’s relationship. If Ye winds up on the show, the ratings will be even higher than last season.

According to Kim sister, Khloe Kardashian, the decision to be (or not to be) on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ is entirely up to Kanye West. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian all signed (very lucrative) agreements saying they’ll be on indefinitely — but others in their lives have a choice. As Khloe puts it, “No one has to be on camera, it’s not like we’re driven to slavery” adding, “Everyone has the option, except for us.”

What will Kanye choose to do? Will viewers get the inside scoop on how and when these two really first got together? Appearing on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ probably won’t hurt Kanye’s career, and it certainly ups Kim Kardashian’s stock. Together? Yeah, that’s TV gold and it’s huge publicity for both celebrities.

Stay tuned, because the new season of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ starts on May 20. Maybe we’ll get to see if Kanye really can keep up with Kim and her famous family!

Kim Kardashian Steps Out With Her Man, Looking Great

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Power Couple Craziness continues. It seems that each day, these two are photographed together going somewhere. Whether it’s shopping in New York City, dinner with her family or just hanging out at Kanye’s hotel, the press has not missed one nano second of Kimye time. Why? Because these two are a true power couple. Their wealth (staggering) and level of fame (stratospheric) make them massive stars in their own right. Put them together, though? Then they become something even bigger: a power couple.

This week, Kim Kardashian stepped out with Kanye West for another New York City stroll (followed by dozens of paparazzi, so it’s safe to say this wasn’t an intimate, romantic kind of jaunt). Kim wore one of the most gorgeous outfits she’s ever worn: a stunningly short, cream-colored, flirty skirt, a black blazer and extremely high heels. The look works really well for her, as she definitely has the killer legs to pull off Louboutins and short skirts. Kim paired the outfit with the ultimate accessory: a small, black, quilted Chanel handbag. Perfection!

Kanye West needs a little work in the wardrobe department, if he wants to keep up with this Kardashian. West wore bright yellow sneakers, a hoodie and black leather pants — not exactly an outfit to match his super-glamorous girlfriend. Kim? When you’re done putting your own outfit together, why not give Kanye a few pointers, okay? All power couples, Kimye included, should coordinate their looks. Hoodies don’t pair well with Chanel.

Kim Kardashian’s family, including sister Khloe, are saying that they don’t think Kim K and Kanye are really all that serious yet, but given that they’re together seemingly all the time now, it sure looks like things are heating up, fast!

Kim Kardashian Takes Kanye to Meet the Parents: How Did It Go?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye

Things between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might be getting a tad more serious. Why? Because Kim K. brought her new boyfriend to meet her family over the weekend! Yes, it’s true: Kanye hit up a Kardashian family gathering with Kim on Saturday. Apparently, everything went really well. Anyone surprised by that? Probably not. Kim’s family already knew Kanye well before he hooked up with her.
Reports say Kim Kardashian brought Kanye West together with her mom, Kris Jenner, and her stepdad, Bruce Jenner, during an outing in New York City. Of course, this was after Kanye and Kim hit up several shops in NYC together (these two never miss a good photo op), and of course the paparazzi documented their every move. They even stopped for ice cream!
Once everyone got together, things between Kim’s family and Kanye went great. TMZ quotes a source as saying that the meeting “went great” and that Kim Kardashian’s family thinks that she and Kanye “make the perfect couple.” Considering the mess that was Kim’s relationship and (short) marriage to Kris Humphries, how could they NOT be happy she’s seeing someone else?
What does the future hold for these two? Probably a lot, if they stay together. Both are super successful and they seem to really like each other. Maybe Kanye can help Kim out with her plans to become the mayor of Glendale, California? Yeah, maybe not.