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Obama’s Jokes for Kim Kardashian

Obama's Jokes

President Obama has finally turned his attention to the fact, that disturbs most Americans … on Kim Kardashian and her boundless popularity. At the 98th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner which took place in the evening past Saturday, Obama said:

“Why am I of telling knock-knock jokes to Kim Kardashian? What is she famous for, anyway?”

However it was not the end of jokes to the Kardashians family. Jimmy Kimmel in addition to joke about threats addressed the president:

“When you took office, Kardashians had one reality show. Now they have four. This is not a good trend.”

Despite these words in their address, Kim and her mother did’t panic, and pretended to be happy to hear all kind of jokes. Later, Kim tweeted, “Pretty funny speech I must admit.” Perhaps it is the most adequate response, in this situation. If you are the star of such a format as Kim Kardashian, you must have a great sense of humor or something similar to it…

Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Kim Kardashian’s everyday life always seems so exciting, doesn’t it? She probably does normal things too, like picking up dry cleaning, watching movies at home in pajamas and the like, but we never hear about it. No, it’s the truly exciting, celebrity-worthy moments that make the headlines, and this past weekend, Kim did it again, as she attended the 98th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington DC. Her life is never boring, is it?

Kim K kept everyone in the loop about the big event via her Twitter account, tweeting out photos and info as she enjoyed her evening. And when the Dinner’s emcee, Jimmy Kimmel, made her a punchline of one of his jokes, she laughed it off. Kimmel, by the way, told everyone in the audience,

“If you’re looking for the biggest threat to America right now… She’s right there. Her name is Kim Kardashian.”

Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only mega-celebrity in attendance on Saturday night, but she probably got the most attention. Kim dazzled in a stunningly beautiful, emerald green Lorraine Schwartz evening gown (accented with equally dazzling jewels). She tweeted several photos of other A-list celebrities at the dinner, including Sofia Vergara, Martha Stewart and of course, her mom, Kris Jenner. It’s quite clear that Kim was enjoying herself, and she also snapped a couple of photos of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for good measure. Yes, this really was one of Kim K’s more exciting, ultra-glamorous evenings!

Anyone else wonder if Kim Kardashian took the opportunity to talk to some Washington DC politicians about her possible run for mayor of Glendale, California? It probably couldn’t hurt to get a few pointers before she tries to win a public office!

Kim Kardashian Pelted with Flour on the Red Carpet!

Kim Kardashian Pelted with Flour

Kim Kardashian is definitely not one to shy away from any red carpet, but how about a red and white one? On Thursday night, sex tape star was attacked by a woman wielding a bag of flour! A shocked Kim was completely covered in white powder. Ever the professional, Kim took everything in stride, though. She quickly scooted out of the event, got cleaned up and, within minutes, was right back out there!
Kim Kardashian was on the red carpet at the London Hotel in West Hollywood when the incident happened. Somehow, a woman got past Kim’s (heavy) security and managed to throw an entire bag of cooking flour on her. The woman, who hasn’t been identified, was whisked away from security on the scene and later arrested. Why did she do it? That’s unclear — but if she wanted to get Kim K’s attention, she definitely got it.
Some are speculating that Kim Kardashian was flour-bombed by someone affiliated with the group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). TMZ reports that the suspect yelled “Fur Hag!” at Kim just before she threw the flour on her. A a spokesperson for PETA says while they’re “supportive” of the attacker, the group wasn’t responsible for the incident.
Either way, the key thing here is that Kim handled herself very well. She got cleaned up, got back out there and even managed to joke about everything later, saying she’d even asked her makeup person for “more powder” before she hit the red carpet. This is probably NOT what she meant.

Kim Kardashian entertains at the Elton John Oscar Party

Kim Kardashian visit Oscar Viewing Party

Oscar Annual Academy Awards ceremony and all that is interconnected with this is an excellent tool to demonstrate themselves to celebrities of all stripes. One of the most traditional Oscar’s pre-party is the Annual Elton John Oscar Party in Beverly Hills with people who are part of show business. Kim Kardashian was not an exception. She was one of the guests who had been invited in order to forget about their broken hearts. This party should have encouraged single famous females to smile again and even to find a new man. Kim Kardashian had some troubles during the last period, including the new book of Ray J, who offended the celebrity by writing that Kim had been dating with him while her first marriage. So such an opportunity to have a good rest could do her much good. Besides, Kim Kardashian hadn’t forgotten to attend the church before the party and she tweeted: “Heading to church before the Oscar madness begins. I hope you all have a blessed day!”

Kim Kardashian 2012 Pre-Grammy gala

Kim Kardashian, who was a guest at the Recording Academy’s 2012 Pre-Grammy gala looked great, as usual. The socialite was wearing a beautiful blue Antonio Berardi dress, which showed her curves in the best way. She was accompanied by Britney Spears and they chatted very lively together. It was not the first time, when they met. Kim Kardashian has been present on Britney’s concerts and they actually are good friends.They have much in common remembering that notorious Kardashian sex tape with Ray J appeared just after the appearance of Britney’s tape.
By the coincidence of circumstances, the party was held at Beverly Hilton, the place, where the same night Whitney Houston has passed away. All the guests who were at that event, learned about the death of the famous singer there and were shocked at the news. However, Kim Kardashian was the single person, who wrote the words of compassion in Tweeter,

“Just heard the tragic news that Whitney Houston passed away. I pray for her daughter & loved ones. We will always love you Whitney…”

Kim Kardashian’s attire at 2012 Golden Globe

Kim Kardashian 2012 Golgen Globe after party

Kim Kardashian has stunned everyone with her dress at the 2012 Golden Globe ceremony. Ricky Gervais even compared Kim with Kate Middleton, but naming the former “trashier”. It could have offended, if it hadn’t sounded as a compliment.
The sex tape star looked really very sexually. Dark-black lacy dress by Bruce Oldfield focused on Kim’s breast that many interpreted as a signal about the loneliness of the former Miss Humphries. Lorraine Schwartz jewels gave the additional luxury to Kim Kardashian’s dress.
This evening Kim attended the Weinstein Company in 2012 after party, and then she was noticed at the 13th Annual Warner Bros / InStyle party. Despite the fact that during the evening Kim Kardashian was the object of respectful attention, the reality-show star thinks that the best were Lea Michele and Angelina Jolie. “Angelina Jolie was everything to me!” – Kim wrote in Twitter.

Kim Kardashian wedding

Kim Kardashian wedding photos

On Saturday 20 August Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding took place in Montecito, CA. During the celebrations the happy bride has changed three ivory gowns designed by Vera Wang. Kim’s bridesmaids were also wearing ivory dresses. All the cameras were forbidden during the event and the official photos are going to appear in a month. However, some has already appeared in the net. Kim Kardashian is looking really amazing and happy. Surprisingly, but the reality show star, who usually adores to be in the public eye, does not want any witnesses during her honeymoon. Perhaps, Kim Kardashian decided to do so in order to reduce the boom around the gossips about her second sex tape. Her wedding has draw attention to Kim Kardashian sex tape and this led to different rumors concerning her honeymoon video future selling.

Kim Kardashian wedding became the main topic in the world of fashion. Even Paris Hilton had to pose in front of the paparazzi wearing lots of wigs of rather strange colors so as to draw attention to her personality. May be she was offended because she had not been invited on the ceremony to her best friend?