Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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Kim Kardashian is now very well known and popular, but for this popularity there was a reason: All started in 2003 when at that time the unknown socialite girl had the good fortune to meet the rapper Ray J. After some period of their relationships the pair went on vacation in Mexico, where they made perhaps the most watched video in the coming years for all internet …

How it happened

After the appearance of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J in web the rumors spread about with the speed of light. Every one who heard about the film tried to find it. In April 2007, Vivid Entertainment released a DVD «Kim K Superstar» 39 minutes long, signing an agreement of $ 5 million with Kim Kardashian.

After a deafening sales, the Vivid company decided to release their full online 1 hour 40 minutes uncensored version of Kim Kardashian sex tape calling it “Kim K Superstar Part 2

Kim K Superstar Screenshots (18+ ONLY)

Kim Kardashian Superstar Links

Anyone who wants to watch this full tape can get it! In addition to Kim Kardashian sex tape you can watch tapes of many celebrities, including Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Montana Fishburne etc. in HD just for $4.95
The site is the exclusive owner of these videos, and at any time can withdraw them from sale, as it has almost happened in summer 2011. Don’t miss!
As already mentioned earlier, all the rights for Kim Kardashian with Ray J tape are owned by Vivid Entertainment. All the links to view the DVD version and the full Part 2 online version are available now on official site.

How to watch it for free?

Recommendation: watch it only on the official site, it will keep your from problems or watch part of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape without registration.

Now you have a chance to watch Kim Kardashian sex tape, for favorable terms. If you look for more information about Kardashians family, you can find another posts dedicated to Kim Kardashian and family .

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