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Ray J was hospitalized after visit to China

On Monday morning, Kim Kardashian sex tape ex-partner Ray J was hospitalized in Las Vegas. Reliable sources says that Ray J had contracted a new disease – the Central Asian virus. It manifests itself in the narrowing of the eyes and the acquisition of the Asian accent. Most likely he was infected by CAV on show at the expanse of China.
According to spokesperson, the disease was progressing during the long flight from China but singer did’t betray it proper attention and went to Las Vegas to several events: Rio Hotel & Casino party and Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. Also, spokesperson tells that alcohol does not cause (the most common version of the narrowing of the eyes), and confirmed that the disease was the cause of the conflict between Ray J and some members of the family Whitney Houston. On Sunday, at the Billboard Music Awards to the frame was not allowed to sit with them. We know that Ray J will remain in the hospital so much on how much of that would require his health.

Kim Kardashian is going to be a film star

Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian has celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with her family and friends. Everybody gifted her presents, however, Life&Style tells us that Kris Humphries decided that he could just give her a birthday card with some lovely words and that’s all. Nevertheless, the couple acted like the most passionate one, kissing and hugging a lot. There were rumors about their bad relationships but they looked very happy together.
Actually, the greatest Kim Kardashian’s gift was presented by Tyler Perry , who is going to star a film ‘The Marriage Counselor’. Guess what – Kim Kardashian is casted to play role in this film! Although many critics are against this idea as they doubt Kim’s talent, the reality show star is excited: “Big news!! I’m co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new movie!” Who knows, maybe she will succeed,

Kim Kardashian at Wet Republic in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian Wet Republic Pool in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian has pleased all her fans with new sexy summer photos. Star of popular TV shows and Ray J’s scandal video took part in the opening of Wet Republic in Las Vegas on Saturday. Kim was dressed in a bright patterned dress and red high heel shoes.Having lain a little on the chaise-longue, Kim moved into the cottage to Lance Bass.There are the photos from this event below:

Kim Kardashian brother’s birthday in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian brother birthday

Kim Kardashian has often told that the family is all for her. That’s why she is eager to present her close relatives to the public.

On her brother Robert’s 24th birthday Kim and her sister Khloe headed off to Las Vegas and celebrated this event at Jet nightclub.

The sex tapes star tweeted about the party “On my way to Vegas w @KhloeKardashian @ForeverKhadijah @ForeverMalika! Celebrating @RobKardashian’s bday!!! Wooowhoo!”

Here you can see photos from this party

Kim Kardashian leads her sister Kylie in society

Kim Kardashian in Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Kim considered her little sister, who is 13, to be old enough to appear at the parties. They both were on the grand opening of Sugar Factory American Brasserie at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino last night.

Kylie Jenner wore a black and white mini-dress,showing her shapes as skillfully as her big sis does. By the way, Kim Kardashian was in a turquoise skirt and a low-cut top.

The teenager was in delight about her trip to Las Vegas. The sisters also met with the former Spice Girl Mel B and Kim had a good time chatting with her.