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Kim Kardashian’s Reality Show with Kourtney is Causing Big Headaches

You know, here’s the thing: When you agree to let E! film a Kim Kardashian reality TV show in your neighborhood, you really should expect some problems. And that’s exactly what’s happening in South Florida, where some residents who live near where ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ is filming are extremely unhappy. What’s going on?

Residents in the posh, gated, Miami neighborhood of San Souci gave the green light for Kim Kardashian and company to film ‘Kourtney & Kim…’ in a rented mansion in the neighborhood. The rental cost? Around $300,000. This is a pretty common practice for reality TV shows: They come in, rent some fancy digs for their stars to live in for filming purposes, and then, when the filming is over, they split. Sometimes there are issues — and that certainly seems like the case where Kim and Kourt are concerned.

The biggest issue seems to be a parking problem. One of the San Souci residents is furious that Kim Kardashian’s crew is parking in front of his house. He’s gone so far as to offer Kim’s producers a vacant lot as a parking area — for a steep price ($500/day). That’s crazy!

At least in this case, the whole fracas isn’t Kim K’s fault. Strangely enough, the crazy involves the actual neighborhood residents. In fact, according to the VP of the San Souci Home Owners Association, Richard Otero, Kim Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney, “are more than welcome” in the neighborhood. Otero went on to say that both are “considerate and very professional.”

Kim Kardashian Heads Down Under, But is She Charming Australia?

Kim Kardashian has definitely earned the title of world traveler, and now she’s hitting up Australia this week. Of course, Kim was down under for a promotional appearance. Not surprising, is it? She’s definitely taking the Aussies by storm and getting a ton of major media attention.

Earlier this week, Kim was in Sydney, where she paraded before the paparazzi at the E! Brand Evolution event wearing a slick-looking, figure hugging silver dress. Less than 24 hours later, Kim Kardashian was in Melbourne, Australia, where she hit up the swanky Silk Road nightclub wearing another eye-catching dress — this one by famed designer Alexander McQueen. Neither one of the sleeveless dresses were overwhelmingly awesome. Is Kim losing her fashion flair?!

Kim Kardashian is also giving a lot of media interviews while she’s visiting Australia, including one that could very well stir up some major controversy. When asked who she’d trade lives with, if she could, she said Jesus Christ. Really, she absolutely did. Why would Kim K. want to be Jesus, you ask? She said, “…it would be pretty fascinating to see the power that he had.” Here that sound? That’s the sound of Kim’s momager, Kris Jenner, imploding.

From a sex tape with Ray J. to Jesus: That’s a bit of a stretch, Kim. The thing is, if Kim Kardashian had said she’d want to trade lives with Jesus because he was a wonderful person who did great things, that would probably come off a bit better. But no: Kim wants to be Jesus because of his great power.

Expect a lot more fallout from this statement in coming days.

Porn Star Says He Had a Threesome with Kim Kardashian

Just when you thought all the Kardashian drama this week would be focused on Kim Kardashians’ nasty divorce from Kris Humphries, guess what? It’s not! A well-known adult film actor has come forth, claiming that he had a threesome with Kim and another female porn star more than a decade ago.

And we’re shocked, why, exactly? Kim Kardashian was just 20 at the time, and, despite being married at the time, probably more than a little wild. According to RadarOnline, porn star Julian St. Jox says the tryst happened a swingers party back in 2001 at the Wyndham Hotel in Los Angeles. Did Kim hit the party with her then-husband, Damon Thomas? Possibly. St. Jox says Kim was with a “black male.” St. Jox claims his date, porn actress Emily Ann, propositioned Kim K. and then things progressed to a private room and a good bit of adult activities.

Forget the Ray J sex tape: Where’s this threesome Kim Kardashian video?! That’s highly unlikely, given that Kim wasn’t really famous at that point. For the record, Kim Kardashian’s rep says this threesome story never happened, but you never know, right? Kim does have a history of being a bit freaky in the bedroom, so the story really isn’t all that surprising.

Kim Kardashian Channels One of Hollywood’s Greatest Icons, but Does She Fall Short?

Kim Kardashian is a bit of a diva at heart. Shocking? No, it’s not. But she took her “divaness” to a whole new level recently, posting a series of photos and comparing herself to none other than iconic Italian actress Sophia Loren. No really, she did.

Kim K. was apparently in the middle of yet another photo shoot, and she decided she’d go old school glam. In a few of the photos she tweeted, she explained that she was “finding” her inner Sophia Loren. Sophia was the epitome of beauty, grace and talent. Kim has the beauty, but the jury’s still out on the grace/glamor bit.

Yes, Kim Kardashian can glam it up for photos, but does she have that star quality that Loren oozed? No. Not even close. And she certainly doesn’t have the acting talent that Loren demonstrated during her decades-long career. Sophia’s acting abilities earned her an Academy Honorary Award and led many to call her “one of the world cinema’s treasures.”

Kim Kardashian, one of reality TV’s greatest treasures? Somehow, that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Kim is correct to idolize Loren as a role model, but she’s going to have to work just a bit harder to earn that kind of comparison.

Kim Kardashian Criticized by PETA for Carrying a Crocodile Birkin Bag

It seems that Kim Kardashian has once again angered the animal rights organization PETA. For a long time, Kim has made clear her love of wearing fur — so she was already on the group’s list. What has she done this time? She’s lugging around a fancy Birkin handbag made of crocodile skin.

Is anyone surprised that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is going after Kim Kardashian yet again? Probably not. The organization does use some questionable tactics when it comes to getting its point across. Remember the now infamous flour-bombing of Kim K. on the red carpet back in March? The woman responsible for dousing Kim with the flour, Christina Cho, was an admitted PETA activist.

Yes, the battle between Kim Kardashian and PETA continues, and it likely will for some time. Kim shows no sign of backing down — she was recently seen carrying her crocodile-skin Birkin bag (which costs, by the way, a whopping $50,000). No doubt she’ll soon be strutting around in her python boots, too.

Is Kim right to wear so many high-end animal skin fashion items and accessories? PETA spokesperson Wendy Wegner sure doesn’t think so, telling Radar Online, “For every alligator or crocodile-skin accessory, an animal was likely beaten but still conscious and able to feel excruciating pain as his or her skin was peeled off.”

Yikes. It’s really clear that Kim Kardashian doesn’t care what PETA thinks, but how does everyone else feel about the matter? Should Kim stop wearing animal skins and go totally cruelty-free?

Kim Kardashian Looks Like Her Mom, Gets Hair Removed and Cooks for Her Man

In the world of Kim Kardashian, this week has been relatively quiet. That can only mean one thing: Another gossipy bombshell will probably drop soon, because Kim doesn’t stay out of the limelight for long. This week, Kim fans learned that yes, she really does look a lot like her mom — and that she enjoys hanging at home and cooking for boyfriend Kanye West.

This week, Kim K. revealed stunning photos from her photo shoot for the Italian magazine L’Uomo Vogue. In the (racy) pics, Kim dons a short, black wig and wears an assortment of ridiculously hot looking clothing. None of that should be surprising, but what’s most noticeable about the photos: Kim Kardashian looks a LOT like her mom, Kris Jenner!

Kanye West was on hand for the L’Uomo Vogue shoot because, well, these two apparently do everything together, including, apparently, get their hair lasered off. Yes, Kim and Kanye were spotted hand in hand at a laser hair removal salon in California yesterday. Was Kanye also getting some laser work done? Could be, but seriously Kim? Sometimes it’s best to keep things a mystery. Laser hair removal hurts!

And, after having her entire body lasered, Kim Kardashian probably decided she needed to repay Kanye for all the support (and the possible pain he endured if HE opted to zap his hair): So she cooked. On Thursday night, Kim tweeted, “Cooking some soul food for my baby!” She doesn’t name Kanye but one can only hope that he’s the “baby” she means, right? A short time later, Kim posted a photo of her cooking, and actually it does look quite yummy.

Kim Kardashian Cheat on Kris Humphries With Kanye West?

The divorce drama continues for Kim Kardashian. Now, her ex, Kris Humphries, is stating that he believes Kim cheated on him with none other than her current boyfriend, Kanye West. How did Kris know for sure? He claims it was obvious when Kanye (a close Kardashian family friend) wasn’t on the guest list for their million dollar wedding last year.

Kris Humphries supposedly offered his Kim and Kanye cheating theory to his most recent ex, Myla Sinanaj. And yes, Sinanaj is the same girl that he told about Kim’s Ray J sex tape supposedly being set up by Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner. Obviously there’s no solid proof that Kim and Kanye were, in fact, fooling around while she was engaged to Kris. Certainly the Kardashians will deny that!

This isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian was accused of having an affair with Kanye West. His ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose (who is now engaged to Wiz Khalifa), also leveled cheating accusations involving Kimye months ago. Amber totally blames Kim K. for splitting up her relationship with Kanye. She even went so far as to call her a “homewrecker.” Here’s the thing: Kim was dating Reggie Bush when Amber says she was fooling around with Kanye.

Is Kim a perpetual cheater? Hopefully not, and certainly anything Kris Humphries says about her during this nasty divorce should be taken with a (big) grain of salt. However, this isn’t the first cheating allegation involving Kanye, now is it? And where there’s smoke, there is usually a Kardashian.