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Kim Kardashian Gave Kanye West a What for His Birthday?!

Kim Kardashian is a wealthy woman. She’s also extremely generous with her wealth, giving friends and family lavish gifts for special occasions. But Kim’s gone completely over the top with the gift she gave to her boyfriend, Kanye West, for his birthday. What do you get the music mogul who has everything? How about a $750,000 car!

Yes, Kimmy went really big with her gifting to Kanye, giving him a beautiful new Lamborghini sports car. Kanye West, who turned 35 years old last week, certainly raked it in on his big day, didn’t he? Well, that’s what happens when you are super rich: You can totally afford to buy Lamborghini’s. In Kim Kardashian’s case, she opted for an extremely rare, sleek-looking, black Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 for Kanye — and it’s gorgeous.

Kim and Kanye have only been dating for a few months, so if this relationship goes the distance, there’s no telling what she’ll get him for his birthday next year! In the meantime, Kim joined Kanye in Ireland, where he performed on the “Watch the Throne” tour in Dublin over the weekend. Sadly, Kanye will have to wait to drive his fancy new car until he gets back from Europe. Boo!

Obviously Kim Kardashian is nuts about Kanye — because she was married to Kris Humphries and never gave him anything as lavish as a rare Lamborghini. Good thing she didn’t, or that would be yet another point of contention in their nasty divorce!

Never a Dull Moment in Kim Kardashian’s crazy World

Kim Kardashian is one of those people who is almost always in motion. She’s either tooling around L.A. wheeling and dealing (and shooting her reality show), or she’s on the road, doing some sort of promotion for her business ventures. Is it any surprise at all that Kim was in Las Vegas earlier this week? Probably not. And guess what: She’s with her man Kanye West, too!

Kim and Kanye treated fans to a marathon autograph session on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. The New York Daily News reports that Kim K. was especially gracious with fans, taking photos and signing virtually anything anyone handed her. Obviously the Kris Humphries divorce debacle hasn’t dulled her fan base!

After enjoying some time with Kanye West in Las Vegas, it was family time for Kim, as she loaded up for a road trip to San Diego. Why? To visit her grandmother, of course! Kim seemed especially excited about the visit and she even tweeted a sweet photo with “grandma MJ” for her Twitter followers to enjoy, and another of her as a little girl, looking fresh-faced and beautiful. For fans who are used to Kim tweeting racy photos of herself, this had to be a shock!

An otherwise delightful Kardashian family outing almost turned tragic, when Kim was almost involved in a massive car accident. Us Weekly quotes a source as saying that it happened on the grandma MJ road trip, and that Kim avoided a “10 car crash.” Yikes! It’s definitely been an exciting week for Kim…

Kim Kardashian Tweets Ghostly Photo in Scott Disick’s Car?!

Kim Kardashian definitely keeps her Twitter followers up to date on almost every move she makes, so it’s no surprise that she recently tweeted out a photo of her sitting in Scott Disick’s new car. And what a car! Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, has a slick-looking Audi R8 that is — get this — chrome plated! Yeah Kim had to snap that pic in that sweet ride, didn’t she?
What initially freaked everyone out when they saw the Instagram photo of Kim Kardashian in Scott’s car was the super-creepy, eerie image of what looks like a young girl in the background. The spectral-looking image is in the upper right-hand corner of the photo, pretty much hidden in the shadows. But apparently, a ton of Kim’s millions of Twitter followers flipped out, thinking Kim had a ghost watching over her as she chilled out in Scott Disick’s (very) expensive and (very) shiny new car.
So, what gives? Does Kim K. have a ghostly new friend? Hardly. A few hours later, Kim apparently noticed several tweets from people wigging out about the creepy pic and she set the matter to rest. Kim explained that the “ghost” is actually an old, cardboard cut out of her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, when she was a little girl.
Oh — so that explains it! But wait: Isn’t it a bit strange to have a cardboard cut out of Kourtney just propped up in the family garage, decades later? And what gives with the chrome all over that beautiful sports car anyway? Yikes!
Ah, Kim Kardashian, back in L.A.: Never a dull moment!