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Kim Kardashian appeared in the style of the1920s

Kim Kardashian 1920's style

Last weekend, Kim Karadashian visited theme party in the style of 20s last century. The evening was devoted to the 36-th birthday of Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria.
Kim decided to share this event via Twitter: “All glammed up for a fun 1920s themed party! Celebrating the glamorous Eva Longoria’s bday 1920s style.”
In addition to the messages, her fans can enjoy Kim Kardashian’s sexy photos,where she is dressed in the style of gangsters of the 20s and see Kim in the company of Heidi Klum

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in “Glee”

Kim Kardashian's sex tape in "Glee"

It seems that Kim Kardashian will not have to blush because of her sex tape soon. The reason is not only big deductions in favor of Kim from the sale of sex tapes, but more frequent mention of this sex tape as the perfect success of hot TV star. Earlier Kim Kardashian avoided speculation over her sex tape, but now it seems she likes this theme to be mentioned on TV. So, after episode Glee “Sexy”, which referred to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, 30-year-old star of TV tweeted: “My fav show! I love Glee! RT @ KhloeKardashian: @ SaraKLynch” I want my own television show & fragrance – just like a Kardashian! “# GLEEK”
In “Sexy” series the characters Lauren Zizes and Puk discussed the possibility of becoming famous due to the sex tape as Kim Kardashian did.

Premiere of Kim Kardashian’s debut track “Jam (Turn It Up)”

Kim Kardashian Jam photo

The long-awaited world premiere of the musical debut from Kim Kirdashian “Jam (Turn It Up)” was held today in the presence of Ryan Seacrest. 30-year-old Kim, according her own statement could not sleep all night, and wrote in Twitter: “OMG I can’t sleep! I premiere my song JAM tomorrow w Ryan Seacrest! It hits itunes tomorrow too! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it !!!!”

Debut which Kim created in collaboration with The-Dream was not easy. Kim felt very shy when all started. She could not sing in a presence of many people in the studio. Finally, Kim Kardashian overcame herself and a new dance track will be heard in the world.

Meanwhile,new product of Kim Kardashian has already been scoffed over in the expanses of the Internet,there were skeptical and slyly comments on the simple lyrics: “how inspiring is that, wow! I’m impressed”, “Yes the lyrics are very deep. I haven’t heard the song but it sounds like a tear jerker. ” Also, Kim Kardashian is called jokingly “a star of next Grammys”. Time will pass and it will become absolutely clear what Kim has made today’s premiere.

Also, Kim Kardashian has posted more photos from Jam music video shoot:

Kim Kardashian skipped the Oscar ceremony, and came to Elton John’s party

Kim Kardashian and Elton John at 19th Annual Elton John Oscar Party

Last night, Kim Kardashian was absent at the Oscar ceremony. Perhaps this was due to the reluctance to communicate with a vast army of journalists and photographers who may have asked unpleasant questions to Kim, but perhaps it was not the case. Whatever it was, Kim Kardashian did not walk on the legendary red carpet, which is very disappointing for many her fans.
Her beautiful black gown from J. Mendel with Lorraine Schwartz jewels which hugged her shapes tightly Kim has demonstrated at the Pacific Design Centre in West Hollywood on Elton John’s annual Oscar party in this evening.
However, Kim soon left the party, to which she was preparing for three hours. She explained that she needed some rest before challenging day, and hot brunette wrote in his tweeter “OK I know the night is just beginning but I snuck away and now I’m in bed! I have a big day ahead of me! I’m exhausted! Night night! ”