Kim Kardashian's sex tape in "Glee"

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in “Glee”

Kim Kardashian's sex tape in "Glee"

It seems that Kim Kardashian will not have to blush because of her sex tape soon. The reason is not only big deductions in favor of Kim from the sale of sex tapes, but more frequent mention of this sex tape as the perfect success of hot TV star. Earlier Kim Kardashian avoided speculation over her sex tape, but now it seems she likes this theme to be mentioned on TV. So, after episode Glee “Sexy”, which referred to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, 30-year-old star of TV tweeted: “My fav show! I love Glee! RT @ KhloeKardashian: @ SaraKLynch” I want my own television show & fragrance – just like a Kardashian! “# GLEEK”
In “Sexy” series the characters Lauren Zizes and Puk discussed the possibility of becoming famous due to the sex tape as Kim Kardashian did.

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