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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape stolen!

Kanye West’s visit to Europe ended on a very nasty note. According to singer, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was plundered by British Airways. An attacker took the most valuable thing that was in the luggage – new Kim Kardashian sex tape with Kanye West. Singer was upset about it. Another would be: first, Kim Kardashian will have to make excuses after the tape leak again in Internet. Secondly, the Kanye West tried very hard to create this sex tape and laid out in full. This is evidenced by his words: “Shit! I need a lot of time to do it again!”

In British Airways already reported that the tape can’t be returned if they won’t be convinced that a new round of popularity Kim Kardashian won’t causes their madness or someone from their families.
By the way, way previous sex video you can see here

Are Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Friends Again?

The socialite war is over, at least, if you believe the tabloids. Kim Kardashian and her former BFF-turned-enemy Paris Hilton are friends again. Or, at the very least, they’re not hating on each other anymore. Kim K. is certainly having an amazing year, even with the nasty divorce from Kris Humphries. She’s got a massive new reality TV deal for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a power-boyfriend in Kanye West, and now, she might very well have her friend Paris Hilton back!

Reports say that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton ran into each other at the swanky amFar Gala during the Cannes International Film Festival late last week. No claws came out. In fact, just the opposite happened: Kim and Paris started chatting. Can you imagine the tension in the room when everyone saw these two side-by-side?

What did Paris and Kim K. talk about on that warm night in Antibes? That’s not known. A source tells the New York Post’s Page Six that Kim and Paris “hugged, smiled and chatted for a while,” adding that the two socialites “…really have no problem with each other; it has been a long time.”

Indeed, it has been a long time since the days when Kim Kardashian ran around as part of Paris Hilton’s entourage. As pretty much everyone knows now, Kim wound up becoming quite famous in her own right, thanks to that sex tape with Ray J. Now, Kim K. is a household name, and her reality show is far more popular than Paris’ show ever was.

Despite some reports that Paris Hilton was feuding with Kim Kardashian (jealousy, perhaps?), that’s apparently not the case anymore. What’s next for these two? Will Paris wind up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians now? That certainly would be interesting!

Kim Kardashian Gets Cozy With Kanye West in Cannes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a hot item, no doubt. They’re everywhere, it seems, including the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival. And, just because they can, they’re giving the paparazzi plenty of great photo shots. Kim and Kanye lit up the red carpet at Cannes on Wednesday night, and it might be one of Kim K.’s best looks yet!

At the premiere of Kanye West’s film Cruel Summer, Kim K. sizzled in a short, beaded, white dress with gold detailing. She actually matched her man, too: Kanye wore a white blazer, white shirt and white jeans. In short, they looked every bit the color coordinated power couple of the moment as they posed for photos together. There’s no denying that since she’s been with Kanye, Kim’s stepped up her glamor game in a major way. Her looks during her time in Europe, specifically, are classic, with less emphasis on sex and far more emphasis on class. Good for her!

At the after party, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were spotted “happily nuzzling” together. Anyone who speculated that Kimye was just for publicity might be seriously rethinking that theory. These two are actually beaming!

Speaking of beaming, Kim K. was still smiling from ear to ear as she glammed it up “old Hollywood” style at the glitzy amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes on Thursday. Kim sizzled in a jaw-droppingly gorgeous yellow evening gown. And yes, the dress showed plenty of leg and cleavage, but without being tacky. Kim’s choice of bright red lipstick and side swept, curled hair complemented the look immensely.

Bravo to Kim Kardashian for having a banner fashion week in London and in France! Whether it’s Kanye love or a new stylist, she needs to keep this up.

Kim Kardashian’s British Invasion Continues, and Now She’s Pushing Diet Pills Again?

Nothing, it seems, can stop the Kim Kardashian publicity train which is currently rolling across the UK. Kim is still in London, where she’s busy promoting the new season of the show that made her famous (sex tape aside): ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ She’s also super busy working on publicity for her fragrance (she’s attending the FIFI UK Fragrance Awards). Oh, and Kim is also drumming up some extra attention for her boyfriend, Kanye West (anywhere Kim goes, attention follows). That’s what you call celebrity multitasking!

The ever-present paparazzi capture Kim K’s every move as she struts through the streets of Londontown, looking great (of course). In recent days, Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe has undergone a major transformation: Her normally sexy and revealing outfits are gone, replaced by much more conservative attire. The British press is liking it, too, calling Kim “demure.” Is Kim trying to endear herself to the Queen with this new look?

Of course, even with a lower hemline, Kim Kardashian’s clothes always hug her famous curves well. Kim’s dress of choice, a white, high-necked number that she paired with chunky high heels, was gorgeous. Kim wore the outfit while attending a “meet and greet” with fans at a party for QuickTrim diet pills, held at London’s posh St Pancras Renaissance hotel over the weekend. The event was one of two QuickTrim promotional appearances for Kim in recent days — but is this a good idea?

Here’s the lowdown: Kim Kardashian and her sisters promote the QuickTrim weight loss system, but some health experts have claimed that the so-called “miracle” system doesn’t work — and that it might be “dangerous” as well. Despite the fact that she and her sister Khloe Kardashian are defendants in a class action lawsuit filed over QuickTrim earlier this year, Kim plugged the product enthusiastically anyway at Saturday’s event.

All of this begs the question (again): Is it a good idea for Kim Kardashian to keep touting QuickTrim, given the lawsuit?

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Teaser is Out – Kim Hits London Looking Hot!

The first trailer for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ dropped Thursday, and guess what? Kim and Kanye are totally in it together. So much for the idea that Kimye wouldn’t be a major part of the show. Maybe they’re not – maybe this is just a hype thing to get everyone excited for more Kardashian Krazy adventures?

Maybe not. It sure does look like Kim and Kanye will be featured the same way she was with Reggie Bush and then, with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (aka Kris Humphries). Whatever the case, the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ trailer features Khloe Kardashian calling Kanye and Kim “two peas in a pod.” Everybody together now: Awwwww.

Oh, and the trailer? It also features Kim Kardashian wearing a lovely, skimpy bikini and showing off her…assets. The new season of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ starts on Sunday night. Kanye or no Kanye, we know we’ll get to see tons of Kim K. Fans, it’s officially time to get excited!

Kim Kardashian’s hopped the pond, so she’s over in London (with Kanye, of course) and doing some serious promotion of her own products. She took time to attend a fancy dinner at the swanky Zuma restaurant — and she looked incredible in a full-length navy gown that accentuated her curves beautifully. Kim is nothing if not always paparazzi-ready.

Apparently, Kim and Kanye didn’t stay long at the dinner. Jay-Z was the host, and he was hoping his friends would stick around and “mingle.” That did not happen. It only took a quick whisper to Kanye and they booked it out of the restaurant. Needing some alone time?

Stay tuned. With sex tape star in London now, there’s sure to be plenty of great stories coming!

Could Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Wind Up as BFFs?

Now that Kim Kardashian has herself a new man, she’s looking for new friends. And, since she’s dating Kanye West and he’s touring with Jay-Z this summer, it sounds like Kim has zeroed in on Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, as a potential new BFF. It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but you never know.

Kanye West and Jay-Z start their ‘Watch the Throne’ concerts in London later this week, so Kim K. is off to Europe with Kanye. These two are seemingly joined at the hip (Kim and Kanye, not Jay-Z and Kanye, that would just be weird), so expect sex tape girl to gleefully follow her famous boyfriend anywhere he goes. Jay-Z and Beyonce are already planning a move to London very soon, so is Kimmy hoping for some double dates?

Kim Kardashian might have a difficult time fitting in. Unlike Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce she’s not exactly a music star (let’s just forget that whole “Jam” song bit, okay?). Hopefully Bey and Kim will get along well regardless, making for a happy summer for everyone concerned. Kim really needs good friends in her life, and at her level of wealth and fame, it stands to reason that other wealthy/famous people might be great company.

Expect lots of paparazzi photos of the two power couples, Kimye and BeyJay (or JayBey, whatever it is), in coming weeks. The Watch the Throne tour is headed all over Europe, so if things go well, Kim Kardashian will have a whirlwind, wonderful few months ahead of her. If she doesn’t hit it off with Jay-Z’s wife, things might not be so pleasant.

Look out, London: A Kardashian’s in town, and she’s looking to stay — for a while!

Kim K Honors Her Mom, Kris Jenner, on Mother’s Day

Kim Kardashian is tight with her family. These people have helped her through a slew of problems, including the embarrassment over a leaked sex tape and now, a nasty pending divorce battle with her ex, Kris Humphries. And through it all, Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, has been her rock. It seems only fitting, then, that Kim K chose to honor Kris on Mother’s Day.
Kim posted a super sweet personal message to her mother on her official blog, telling her that she loves her unconditionally and calling Kris Jenner her “best friend.” She also asks the question, “Where would I be without you?” That’s very true: As Kim Kardashian’s manager, Kris has been instrumental in helping her land marketing and promotional gigs. She keeps the Kardashian machine running smoothly, and smoothes over any ruffled feathers (and given the Kardashian women’s strong personalities, feathers get ruffled, and often).

Kim didn’t just honor her mom on Mother’s Day. She also posted a beautiful message to her big sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney is a mom to little Mason Disick and she’s also expecting another baby. On the blog, Kim wrote:

“I am so proud to call you my sister and my friend. This next next year we will have another little angel with us, and I can’t wait to meet her. You are such an amazing mom to Mason and I know you’ll be the best mom in the world to your new daughter.”

Beautiful, sweet, heartfelt Mother’s Day wishes, aren’t they? Kim Kardashian spent the morning with Kris Jenner and her family, before heading off to a Vogue Italia photo shoot. She had a busy weekend, too, as her boyfriend, Kanye West, was in town. The pair took in a Los Angeles Lakers game together. Who knows? Maybe Kim and Kanye will decide to settle down together and have children — so Kim can enjoy a special Mother’s Day of her own!