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Kim Kardashian is not so bad

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa

Kim Kardashian is shocked at the news that her personality is considered to be not very honest. She doesn’t agree with the opinion, that her wedding and all the preparations for it were fake ones.
Kim Kardashian the sex tape star, tries to put things right on “Live! with Kelly”:“If you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming that we made off this wedding, and if the wedding was fake and just for TV, I’m a smart businesswoman, I would have stayed married longer.” Kim reassures that she put all her efforts into her relationships with Kris Humphries.
Besides, it turned out that Kim Kardashian is not guilty of breaking the relationships between Kanye West and Amber Rose. The latter was accused of stealing money from the rapper and having relationships on the side. Of course, it is not pleasant to be a black sheep, so Amber decided to make Kim guilty.
Kim Kardashian also appeared to help Trevor Project, special organization against suicide attempts of sexual minorities and questioning youth. She contributed $50.000 into it. Kim supports the idea of this organization and likes this kind of charity.

Wedding and divorce Kim Kardashian are planned?

Kim and Kris in love

Ill-wishers rub hands for pleasure. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – this phrase seems to be understood by Kim Kardashian literally. There are new details about her staging in life. It turned out that her engagement was nothing but a well-organized episode. Kris Humphries wanted to make a proposal to Kim without making so much fuss about it, but the reality show star was not delighted with his plan, and created her own. All the necessary preparations were made in advance: Kris Humphries speech, petals of the roses, splendid ring with diamond and Kim in all her beauty. Everything was shown in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A well-thought-out scheme. Perhaps, Kim Kardashian knew about her divorce beforehand either?

Kim Kardashian vs two blondes

Kris Humphries with two blondes

More curious details emerged about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s divorce. It appeared that just two weeks before their complete separation Kris left the party with two pretty blondes. The basketball star headed for his and his wife’s suite with them. There the two girls entertained themselves by taking photos in different rooms. They even had a nerve to lie on Kim’s bed! Besides, they made photo with Kim and Kris’ personal towels. Of course, these pictures appeared in the net with the exclamations of the girls following them. Kim Kardashian must have been really shocked at such a behavior!
But now New Year is coming and it makes Kim not to think about her broken relationships with Kris. The reality show star is ready to earn money…on herself! Taking into consideration her notorious sex tape, it is not a surprise. Kim invites her fans to join her in celebrating the New Year. Not for free, definitely. Only $200 must be paid for participating or $20K for sitting next to Kim.

Reggie Bush wants Kim Kardashian back?

Reggie Bush and sex tape star Kim Kardashian

While Kris Humphries, being a very religious person, is suffering from the divorce, Kim Kardashian is supported by her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. The latter was the first one, who wrote sex tape star to know that she was well after such a difficult decision. Reggie has chosen the right moment to act. The guy whom the sex tape star met before Ray J, tries to renew relations.
Kim is lonely now and needs man’s shoulder as well as some flirt. “Reggie always knew that it wasn’t going to work, so he’s been waiting and watching. They’ve stayed in touch ever since, texting and talking. Kim was Reggie’s first love. He knows she’s hurting right now, but when the time is right, he’ll swoop in and take care of her.” These are the words of Kim Kardashian’s close family friend.
Kim’s ex-husband must be really upset as he has never understood his light-headed ex-wife. He tried to revive their marriage by persuading the judge, who deals with their matrimonial suit, and he even made a petition for stopping this process.
Kim Kardashian doesn’t appreciate Kris’ efforts and even blames him of being a gay! She says that he didn’t want to touch her during their honeymoon.

PETA is not approved of Kim Kardashian’s passion for fur

Kim Kardashian wearing fur

PETA is not approved of Kim’s passion for fur. This organization tried to convince her not to wear animal skin’s and they even gifted her a mantle made of artificial fur on scandal tape star’s wedding. Their tolerance is over and they are going to install a billboard with the reality show star’s image, where she is wearing fur, and below there are baby foxes. The message is: “Kim: These Babies Miss Their Mother. Is She on Your Back?” Perhaps this will influence Kim’s attitude towards poor animals.
Speaking about the matter of Jonathan Jaxson’s false accusations, Kim’s ex-publicist has nearly commited a suicide. His miserable thoughts appeared in Tweeter, but then he pulled himself together and wrote: “I’m so sorry to those I scared & sorry for acting selfish. I’m not a quitter and never will be! I feel extremely blessed & God’s on my side!”
On November 27 there is going to be Kourtney & Kim Take New York new series. They run about Kim and Kris relationships behind the scene. According to them, Kim was a ‘victim’ in their marriage, while Kris Humphries remained insensitive to her. It seems that Kim Kardashian wants to take advantage of everything, including the divorce.

Kim Kardashian reasons for divorce and her role in film

Kim Kardashian will play in Tyler Perry's film

In a recent statement, Kim Kardashian confessed why she had hurried to the marriage, which was terminated in 72 days after the wedding. Sex tape star said she wants a family, babies and a real life so badly that maybe she rushed into something too soon.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding was a very spectacular and beautiful event. When Kim Kardashian was preparing for her wedding, she completely plunged into the process. However, qualitatively and magnificently prepared wedding was not able to convince Chris to become the father of children which was a desire for 31 year socialite-girl.

Ironically, this week it became known that Kim was cast in Tyler Perry’s movie entitled “The Marriage Counselor”. Heroine Ava whom Kardashian should play, helps the friend to settle serious disorders in the family. It is also known that Tyler Perry’s fans have demanded the director to clean Kim Kardashian from the project. This decision was motivated by the fact that she can not play such roles after such a preposterous marriage. One fan even asked the question: “Kim Kardashian in your movie? Why have you stooped this low?”.

Only one fact remains indisputable for all. A film with participation of Kim Kardashian which has achieved phenomenal success is Kim Kardashian sex tape, where she took part with Ray J.. Therefore, there is only one way to win this irony. Kim is to do her best for the preparation of her role. According to the press, at present, Kim is entirely indulged in this business of which she is expecting great success.

Kim and Kris rumors about divorce came true

Kim and Kris separation

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ matrimonial happiness didn’t last long, if it ever was. This couple only seemed to be perfect, and their fans were eager to see their children. However, sex tape star Kim Kardashian has filled a paper for divorce today.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage,” were her words. “I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

Newlyweds usually go for the divorce if there are some irresolvable problems, don’t they? Kris was not on very good terms with Kim’s relatives and it is told that Kim herself used her good-looking husband so as to attract people’s attention to her bright personality. But these are only surmises, may be the reason for the divorce is hidden deep in their broken family.