Kim Kardashian's labor everyday life

Kim Kardashian’s labor everyday life

Kim Kardashian's labor everyday life

Has the divorce influenced Kim Kardashian’s future plans? Absolutely not at all. The reality show star is working at her acting skills. She has contracted with Susan Batman, who is to develop Kim’s talent, which must be fully shown on screens in Tyler Perry’s film “The Marriage Consultant”. It is interesting to know that Susan never works with people, who seem to have no chances in the acting profession. So Kim Kardashian is not hopeless.
While preparing for her role, Kim Kardashian manages to solve her problems with divorce. For example, she has hired a lawyer in order to make Johnatan Jaxson, her ex-publicist, keep silence about her wedding, which he considers to be a fake.
Moreover, Kim Kardashian is sued by hair-removal company Radiancy. Kim Kardashian advertised their new hair removal line so passionately, that she has misled lots of people. She recommended making this procedure on the whole body as she did it herself, although it was quite inappropriate for some parts of the body. People usually trust celebrities and their choice, so the matter was unfair towards gullible crowd. Except all the rest, Kim Kardashian sex tape pursues the girl. Recently the press has published details of how hysterically reacted star of a scandalous tape, when Ray J has released a tape in a network.

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