Kim K is a Neat Freak. She Really Loves Shampoo

For those of us who were beginning to think we knew everything there was to know about Kim K, we didn’t. Apparently, Kim is a bit of a neat freak (putting it mildly). She also really loves her shampoos. And all of this interesting information came courtesy of an interview Kim did with the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine. Wow, okay take that, American media!

Kim isn’t a private person (she lives her life in public almost all the time) but when she’s hanging out at home, she has some rather obsessive habits — including being the kind of person who won’t rest until everything in the house is in perfect order. For starters, she has each and every meal she eats is delivered via freezer packs. Kim says, “I put those in the refrigerator and make sure it’s all tidy. I can’t shut the door if things aren’t on the right shelf,” Kim says. Okay, so that’s not really over-the-top neat freaky. That’s just being very well organized, right?

But there’s more. You knew there would be more! Kim Kardashian goes on to say that she has “at least 20 different” shampoos and body scrubs/gels in her shower. Okay, so she’s a product junkie. Here’s where the neat freak part comes in: Kim says that all of the bottles in the shower are “color coordinated, height coordinated and scent coordinated,” adding that she “can’t take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless.”

Wow, okay, organizing the bath products by height and color seems a bit…extreme. And of course, she can afford to have someone clean her house several times a week — but she still cleans anyway, noting that she thinks she’s “totally OCD.” She also admits that she likes to vacuum right before she goes to sleep. Because really, reading books to wind down just doesn’t do it for her. Hopefully Kanye isn’t already snoozing when she whips out the vacuum cleaner and goes to town!

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