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Kim Kardashian showed her outstanding beauty in x-ray

Kim Kardashian x-ray her buttocks
Kim Kardashian has proved to the whole world naturalness of her buttocks. Kim went to the doctor to make an x-ray picture. It is not a simple caprice as it is to think! Sex tape star is tired of yellow press which says that the silicone implants are hidden in her butt and give bewitching plumpness. Words did not influence on journalists: all of them told about Kim’s passion for plastic surgery. And now the girl has once and for all proved to gossips that all her shapes are natural.
On this gesture Kim have been inspired by her sisters. One of them dug out in some tabloid and read aloud for Kim an article where it was said as if one of these implants has blown up during a flight. The note became the last drop.
Procedure has been shown in reality show about Kim’s life. Result of examination shamed all envious women: outstanding shapes of Kardashian have appeared natural.