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Kim Kardashian ‘Punk’d’ by Ashton Kutcher Video

Kim Kardashian finally got ‘Punk’d’ during last night’s episode of the MTV series. Ashton Kutcher was truly on his game on Sunday night, and Kim was pranked quite well. She actually looked totally freaked out, and it was hilarious!

Here’s what happened in last night’s episode of ‘Punk’d’ (just in case you missed it): As Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick (her pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy) arrived at a gas station, everything seemed fine. Scott went into the convenience store, leaving Kim in the car. That’s when a “fan” swooped in, begging Kim K. to take a photo with him. Kim was actually really nice, and took several snaps.

Scott came back to the car and said that the fan who’d just taken pics of Kim Kardashian did the same to him, and then stole his wallet. Disick said they should go after the guy…so they did. As Disick drove away, the gas nozzle was still in his car — and explosions resulted. In the midst of the total chaos, which also included Scott Disick getting ‘Punk’d’ arrested, Kim Kardashian seemed pretty amazingly calm.

What have fans learned from this Kim Kardashian ‘Punk’d’ experience? That she either realized she was on the show, being totally set up, or she’s the most cool, calm and collected person on the planet. Which do you believe? Did she know what was happening or is she just completely unflappable?

Excellent work, once again, Ashton Kutcher! You’ve now ‘Punk’d’ Kim K., so who’s next? How about adding Khloe Kardashian to your list of upcoming victims?!