Kim Kardashian: Complaining About Her Luggage and Selling Her House

It’s been an eventful few weeks for Kim Kardashian. She jetted across Europe, joining her man, Kanye West, at his big Cannes Film Festival movie premiere, then headed home to put her house on the market! Wait, what?! Is there a Kanye connection? Kind of: Kanye is also selling his home. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?

Then, there’s Kim K.’s unfortunate luggage incident — a story that’s gaining legs as British Airways opens an official investigation. What’s going on? Kim was flying home to Los Angeles after her European jaunt, and she complained via Twitter that some of her stuff was missing from her luggage. Kim’s tweet read:

Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable.

Uh oh. Kim Kardashian has nearly 15 million Twitter followers. Anything she says about any company is important to that company. And something like this? Yeah, British Airways is going to take this situation very, very seriously. The airline is opening up a formal investigation into the luggage situation, in hopes of getting to the bottom of the problem. Kim flew from Nice, France, to Heathrow Airport in London and then into LAX. Airline officials are saying they don’t think any tampering took place in Heathrow — so that leaves Nice’s airport as suspect.

Hopefully British Airways will figure out what happened, and it would certainly be great if Kim Kardashian could get her personal belongings back.

Now, back to the house-selling story: Kim and Kanye are both putting their houses on the market and wow, do they live large! Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West moving in together? Probably not — but you never know. Kim’s decision to sell is, at lest in part, based on her desire for increased security. Kim certainly has enough money to afford a huge mansion in a safer, gated community. And that’s a smart decision — putting safety first — because she is a huge celebrity, after all.

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