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Kim Kardashian will be no longer Kardashian?

Kim and Kris

Very soon Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding will take place in Santa Barbara, CA. Kim says that she is going to be Humphries only for the family members but in the public eye she will remain her loud name Kim Kardashian. It is not a great surprise as her name is a well-known brand for lots of things such as parfume, reality show, Kim Kardashian sex tape. The last one is the thing which had brought her a tidy sum according to unverified sources.
Before such an event not only fans are nervous but also the stars of this Big Day have their nerves on edge. And Kim Kardashian had a row with her beloved. The cause was Kris Humphries’ innocent joke with paparazzi. On their way home after the rehearsal dinner Kris began to scare them off with the pockets which contained some wedding things. Kim did not understand this joke and go ahead. Kris guiltily followed her.
There is no need to describe Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown or her accessories and other details because you will all see it with your own eyes tomorrow!

Kim Kardashian’s “Love”

Kim Kardashian and Vera Wang
On 20 August the sex tape star Kim Kardashian is getting married to Kris Humpries. The wedding will be stared by E! and shown later in October 2011. Only then all Kim’s fans and sex tape lovers can enjoy all the details about this great event and see hot beauty in her wedding gown. Good cause for daydreaming!
Speaking about wedding details, the wedding dress is designed by Vera Wang and the cake is so similar to the royal one. Specially for this big day a new parfume “Love” will be created and Kim is not only going to wear it,but also she will share it with her fans. Not everyone will be lucky to get the fragnance, because the quantity is limited-only 1000 bottles!

Kim is so into her wedding

Kim is so into her wedding

Kim Kardashian sex tape gone by the wayside in comparison with her ​​wedding. Kim is so into her wedding, that she pays attention to every detail. She even dyed her hair into a lighter tint. Kim tweeted on this point:”I dyed my hair lighter for summer . I’m loving it! I feel younger!” So it is possible that we will see the reality show star with a new hair colour on her wedding day, if she doesn’t change it again.

Also, all the fans can hope that there may soon be Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s own reality show! It depends on which basketball team Kris will sign to play with and therefore on the commitments of the contract. In this show we may observe all the preparations for the wedding and the couple’s life. Let’s wait for the details.

Kim’s bustle about the wedding

Kim's bustle about the wedding

Kim Kardashian is up to her ears into the arrangements for her coming wedding. She has recently been noticed leaving the lingerie house, La Perla. Kim was holding a bag with some purchases in it.
Not so long ago she twittered about her desire to lose weight for a wedding dress. Perhaps, her purchase is connected with this statement. For any girl a wedding day is a big day, but Kim is dreaming about at least as great as the royal one.
Kris and Kim’s wedding planner is Sharon Sacks who promises that their wedding “is going to be the wedding of the century”. There are a lot of rumours over the coming event. For example, it was said that Kim Kardashian and Ray J made the second sex tape. All this rumours are going to be a snowball until the official date of the wedding is set.

Fresh scandal over Kim Kardashian’s wedding

Kim Kardashian and Bret Lockett

Kim Kardashian, who is going to get married soon, has been accused in Touch magazine of cheating on her fiance Kris Humphries with NFL player Bret Lockett. It was said that their affair lasted for five months, although we know that Kim has been dating with Kris for six months. Lockett holds his own and says “The story in the tabloid is true”. He said that the sex tape star had pursued him via messages and they did had had a flirty relationship. Kim Kardashian is very angry with these allegations and denies everything. Her lawyer is going to sue the magazine and the sportsman Lockett. The reality show star wrote: ‘Remember, people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun & tired of their shade.

Kim Kardashian is waiting for marriage proposal

Kim Kardashian is waiting for marriage proposal

For a long time Kim Kardashian is going to get married to her boyfriend Kris Humphries whom she knows for half a year already. By popularity excitement about the wedding can be compared only with the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Now with might and main there is a preparation for wedding and recently the pair has gone in Neil Lane in NYC for wedding ring purchase. According to their friend, it is true, and Kim is dreaming to become Kris’ wife as soon as possible.
Kim Kardashian also would like her wedding to became the brightest event and royal wedding for the USA: “It has to be the most fabulous event ever. She wants to have the biggest ring, she wants a huge wedding, close to 1,000 people.”
Despite all preparations and purchases, Kim still hasn’t moved to the boy friend. Besides there is one more problem: “Kris hasn’t officially asked her yet, but that’s just a minor detail. It’s already a done deal, and they both know it.”
We hope that soon it will happen.